Avoiding the perils of poor lubrication

ball bearing with lubrication

In mines, quarries and cement plants, many bearing applications run at low speeds, under high loads and sometimes in high temperatures. They can also be located in remote places where relubrication is not always possible. Under such conditions, proper lubrication is critical for the bearings and for the machinery as a whole. It’s also critical for cutting operating costs as lubrication best practices can reduce maintenance budgets by up to 15%.

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  • Selection of specific and tested lubricants is critical
  • Use of an automatic lubrication system will ensure that the machine is running with the right amount of clean lubricant at all times, even if it is in a remote location
  • A lubrication system audit or management service can decrease lubricant consumption and fix leakage problems

More about lubrication and its impacts on bearing surface fatigue

Read more about the impacts of lubrication on surface rolling contact fatigue in rolling bearings in this Evolution magazine article.
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