Tim Hopkins

Cloud Peak Energy - Manager, Predictive Maintenance

Mining Insights Speaker Series presentation topic:
"Achieving Excellence in Asset Management with Remote Monitoring of Mobile Mining Equipment"

About Tim Hopkins

With over thirty years of experience performing and supervising maintenance of plant and mining machinery, Tim began his career in the 1980s performing and supervising precision maintenance and installation of industrial machines in the Midwest.

In 2009, Tim joined Cloud Peak Energy’s Asset Management team and set to work developing a world class predictive maintenance program that incorporated:
    Vibration analysis
    Ultrasonic inspections
    Hydro carbon management of draglines, electric mining shovels, haul trucks and plant machinery

Tim’s recent achievements include implementing acceptance testing of all rebuilt, repaired and new components; creating acceptance testing criteria of rotating assemblies; developing and implementing wireless condition monitoring of haul truck components, draglines and electric shovels; introduction of Precision Maintenance and installation practices; displacing all contractor PdM and alignment services; and implementing a CMMS-Ellipse liability reporting system.

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