SKF Multi point improves paper mill's fan reliability

The challenge

Multi point automatic lubricator TLMP series
After only a few months, the Yankee dryer exhaust fan in a paper mill's new tissue machine failed. Initially, only the fan bearings failed but were overlooked because the fan was installed in a separate room, away from machine operators. Soon after, the housing, shaft and coupling also failed, leading to a motor protection system shut down.

The SKF solution

SKF determined that the fan bearings, which needed manual relubrication, had not been re-greased since installation. Also, the fan manufacturer installed bearings unsuited to the hot operating conditions. SKF made several recommendations:
  • Install an SKF Multi point automatic lubricator to prevent future lubrication starvation
  • Equip the fan with SKF housings and bearings with C3 radial clearance
  • Swap the damaged coupling for an SKF replacement

The result

Once SKF specialists installed the agreed upon changes, the mill realized significant increases in production availability and costs savings.

Return on Investment (ROI) Summary over a 1-year period
  • Parts and labour savings: €3 100
  • Increased production availability: €56 000
  • Total benefits: €59 100
  • Investment in SKF solution: €5 420
  • Net benefit over 12 months: €53 680
  • ROI: 990%

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