SKF High Endurance Slewing Bearing

Improving wind turbine performance and reliability

High Endurance Slewing Bearing
Extreme weather, heavy loads, remote locations and increasingly powerful designs are just a few of the operational challenges affecting wind turbines. The SKF High Endurance Slewing Bearing was developed to meet these challenges and more. Featuring enhanced sealing capabilities and redesigned internal geometry, this next-generation bearing can help increase turbine reliability while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

The new internal bearing geometry in the cage and raceways reduces friction and increases turbine and pitch control performance. A new, polyurethane-based seal material provides better resistance to ozone, UV and salt water, reducing wear and providing longer service life than traditional nitrile-based sealing solutions. The seal design is less sensitive to ring deformation during operation, reducing grease leakage and water ingress to help improve robustness and lower maintenance costs.


  • Increased turbine reliability even in harsh environments
  • Extended seal and bearing service life
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • Improved pitch control for increased performance
  • Reduced installation and replacement time

Impact - economic, social and environmental

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