SKF Bearing Module

The SKF Bearing Module performs the following bearing performance calculations:
  • SKF rating life (L10m)
  • Basic rating life (L10)
  • Equivalent dynamic bearing load (P)
  • C/P
  • Viscosity ratio (κ)
  • Contamination factor (ηC)
  • Life modification factor (aSKF)

SKF rating life vs ISO 281 rating life

The difference between ISO 281 modified rating life and SKF rating life is in the life modification factor (aISO vs aSKF). In the determination of aSKF, latest findings of tribology in rolling bearings are taken into account.

SKF rating life fully accounts for the benefits of SKF Explorer bearings* whereas they are only partly accounted for in the ISO 281 method. To fully utilize the improved performance of SKF Explorer bearings, the SKF rating life calculation is recommended. In fact, it is the modified rating life of the bearing, L10m, rather than the dynamic load rating, C, that provides the most valuable information regarding the endurance performance of a bearing.

More information on SKF rating life can be found in SKF’s bearing selection process here. Specific information can also be found on the following aspects:

* SKF Explorer rolling bearings accommodate higher load levels and provide extended service life. Optimized internal geometry reduces friction, wear and heat generation, allowing heavier loads to be accommodated. Advanced surface finish reduces friction and enhances lubricating conditions.
Benefits of using SKF Explorer bearings include:
  • significantly extended service life
  • increased uptime and productivity
  • extended lubricant life
  • reduced sensitivity to misalignment
  • reduced noise and vibration
  • enabling downsized applications
For bearing solutions where you want to downsize, reduce vibrations, reduce friction or increase power density in your applications, select SKF Explorer. 
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