SKF Drive-up Method Program

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Format: Android , Downloadable application , iPad , iPhone
Product platform: Maintenance products
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The SKF Drive-up Method is used for mounting SKF bearings with a tapered bore on many types of seatings. This program shows the method with the aid of pictures and animations, and calculates the values required to successfully use it.

This mounting method is well-proven and unique to SKF. It enables the accurate adjustment of spherical roller and CARB toroidal roller bearings mounted on tapered seatings. The correct fit is achieved by controlling the axial drive-up of the bearing from a predetermined position. The method incorporates the use of an SKF HMV ..E hydraulic nut fitted with a dial indicator, and a high accuracy digital pressure gauge, mounted on the selected pump.
  • Reduces the use of feeler gauges
  • Greatly reduces the time to mount SKF spherical roller and CARB toroidal roller bearings
  • A reliable and accurate method of adjustment
  • The most practical way to mount sealed spherical roller and CARB bearings

The SKF Drive-up Method program is available for free download and install on a Windows PC.

For smartphones and tablets, apps are available in the Apple App store and in Google Play.
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