SKF helps keep Erdinger Weißbräu brewery flowing

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    2017 September 20, 09:00 CET

    Using a sectional lubrication system to ensure peak operational performance, SKF helps Erdinger Weißbräu to keep its 1.81 million hectolitres of beer flowing.

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 20 September 2017: SKF has provided a modern lubrication system to the largest family-owned wheat beer brewery in Germany, to help them improve the flexibility of internal processes and meet growing demand.

    The 131 year old Erdinger Weißbräu brewery is a specialist in top-fermented beer and exports its world-class products to more than 90 countries. To meet increased demand, management decided to modernise the production process.

    In redesigning the filling plant, Erdinger and the machinery supplier realised that manual lubrication would not be not possible, with more than 3,000 lubrication points across the site, from brewhouse to shipping. On consultation with SKF, it was decided that a sectional lubrication system would increase system availability, reduce the use of lubricant and minimise wear and tear on the equipment.

    SKF’s EDL1 (Electric Driven Lubricator) sectional system was installed at Erdinger Weißbräu. The system consists of 90 sections and three barrel pumps that supply the main lines across the thousands of lubrication points in two halls and a connecting tunnel. The systems’ electrically driven pressure-booster pumps are capable of generating high outlet pressure from low inlet pressure, enabling even the furthest points in the shipping bay to be reached with ease. EDL1’s integrated status monitoring feature also enables the availability of real-time operational data and remote maintenance, increasing the reliability of the zoned system.

    EDL1 can be a very a cost-effective solution as existing lines, connecting materials and supply pumps can be reused. In addition, no compressed air is needed and power consumption and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

    Marian Herold, Business Development Manager, Food and Beverage at SKF comments: “The customer is more than satisfied with the performance of our EDL1 zoned system. It offers access to every location in the filling system and we have also set up monitoring and centralised control, so that adustments of lubricant quantities and timings can be made instantaneously and any faults localised quickly. This has all led to higher than expected system availability in the brewery and significantly lower lubricant consumption.”

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