SKF to make debut appearance at Shippax 2018

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    2018 February 26, 10:00 CET

    SKF will reveal the increased efficiency performance and environmental benefits of the new add-ons to its retractable fin stabilizer solutions to delegates at this year's Shippax Ferry Conference.

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 26 February 2018: SKF plans its first appearance at the annual Shippax Ferry Shipping conference, which this year takes place aboard Europe's largest ferry vessel, Color Line's 75,000 tonne COLOR MAGIC, sailing between Oslo – Kiel – Oslo, April 18-20, 2018.

    SKF will be taking a stand at the accompanying conference exhibition, where it will present technical solutions for boosting the efficiency and minimising the environmental impact of retractable fin stabilizers installed in modern ferries.

    Essential for maintaining passenger comfort as well as the safety of onboard cargo, the three technical fin stabilizer solutions developed by SKF are designed to reduce a vessel's environmental impact as well as the operating costs, including fuel consumption. These solutions include the recently launched SKF Dynamic Stabilizer Cover (DSC), which reduces drag at the fin box opening, the in 2018 available EcoMode software and associated hardware, which is able to optimise fin stabilizer operation based on retrospective movement analysis; and SKF's low-noise, energy-optimized hydraulic units, which are able to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% when compared to the performance of conventional units.

    The DSC is an inflatable cover, comprising Kevlar mesh cushions coated with neoprene rubber, which can be inflated from an existing compressed air supply and deflated using the pressure of the surrounding water, under the guidance of the vessel’s existing stabilizer control system. The principle function of EcoMode is to reduce fuel consumption by up to 2%. Providing decision support for efficient stabilizer deployment, including 'Energy Cockpit' and 'Single-Fin Operation', EcoMode is supplied with compatible touch control panels that will be installed on the vessel's bridge and in the engine control room.

    For more than half a century SKF has been equipping ocean-going vessels with retractable stabilizers and over that period has provided stabilization solutions for over 600 vessels worldwide. This has enabled SKF to amass a wealth of experience which it uses to develop new and innovative products and solutions. The systems described above are suitable for retrofitting into most vessel types, and are representative of a huge portfolio of marine engineering solutions that SKF can offer marine customers operating throughout the world.

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