Bearings in plastic bags

Why you should be concerned about SKF bearings in plastic bags?

SKF has noticed suppliers of industrial products delivering SKF bearings in plastic bags, without any outer box, also completely without any packaging. These bearings are repacked outside SKF without control and supervision of SKF. 

SKF cannot guarantee the condition of these products and SKF has seen cases where insufficient packing has had a largely negative impact on the performance of the product.

As full service life is important for all mounted bearings, our recommendation would be to return these products to the supplier and demand products packed in original packaging.

The primary purpose of a proper packaging is to make sure that the product comes to the user in the same quality condition that it left the factory. SKF original packaging includes an inner plastic wrapping and an outer box and offers several advantages to securely protect product quality:

  • The product is well protected against contamination.
  • Designed with robust materials.
  • Made to resist vibration and hold its content firmly in place during transport.
  • Products are clearly marked with large, easy to read labels.
  • Bar codes simplify identification and enhance inventory control.


The easiest way to verify your products is via the SKF Authenticate app, available for free at free at Apple AppStore and Google Play

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