Warning signs

Look out for these "warning flags", and please contact us to authenticate your SKF goods.

  • The marketing of counterfeits is done in a way most distributors would recognize. An e­mail is sent from a person claiming partnership with premium brand owners, offering industrial or automotive products directly from stock at competitive prices. Be careful! This could be a source of counterfeit SKF products.
  • Be suspicious when non-authorized suppliers offer short lead times for products known to have longer lead times from SKF.
  • Suppliers of counterfeits may also offer certificates stating that the products are genuine SKF. Such documents are not trustworthy. 
  • Mounting difficulties and /or pre-mature failures, could be signs that a product is counterfeit.
However, the pricing of counterfeit products to the end-user is close to the same as for genuine products. Price is not an indicator whether a product is counterfeit or not.


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The easiest way to verify your products is via the SKF Authenticate app, available for free at free at Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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