SKF has zero tolerance

SKF has zero tolerance for counterfeiters. This trade is illegal and may lead to substantial fines or imprisonment. SKF actively supports law enforcement globally to stop the trade of counterfeit SKF products. 

SKF also assists law enforcement authorities in taking action against this illegal trade. Successful raids and closed businesses can do great harm to the counterfeit trade.
SKF’s co-operation with customs is vital in order to stop counterfeited SKF products before they enter the market. SKF has long and extensive experiences in helping customs detect shipments that may contain counterfeit SKF products, exporters, shipping routes and packaging methods are well known to SKF.

Please look actively for warnings signs or "red flag" and turn to us to verify if you are unsure.

Only trained experts from SKF can verify authenticity of products and product packages marked with SKF trademarks.

The easiest way to verify your products is via the SKF Authenticate app, available for free at free at Apple AppStore and Google Play

Or send an email to, include:If you suspect a product to be counterfeit SKF advice that you take and 

  • Send sharp pictures of all visual markings on the product and/or its package.
  • Provide name of the supplier and proof of purchase.

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