2016 objectives achieved, but we must do more

SKF’s manufacturing operations concluded a five-year climate target period in March this year. The target was set as a 5 percent reduction from baseline 2006, regardless of business growth. The target was shattered! A 14 percent reduction was achieved over a period when net sales grew by 35 per cent.
Some very talented people, working at sites all over the globe, have achieved this fantastic result.

Why the focus on energy?

SKF is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rolling bearings with over 100 factories globally. Energy (along with related emissions) is one of the most relevant environmental topics for the Group.
We have the overall ambition to reduce emissions and to do so in a systematic and transparent manner.
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So where did the 14 per cent come from?

Productivity projects are ongoing across the Group all the time. These often result in significant energy savings, but it is the focused projects, where energy reduction is the main objective that have contributed the most.

•    SKF in Busan, Korea reduced energy by 17 percent only on its compressed air system.
•    SKF Campus Jiading in Shanghai, China, reduced energy per production output by almost 30% between 2015-2016.
•    SKF India has implemented a nation-wide energy project including energy efficiency and reduced emissions by on site energy generation and green energy procurement.
•    SKF in Katrineholm, Sweden, inaugurated a new melting shop in the foundry in 2014 with huge energy and cost reduction.
•    SKF in Mulheim, Germany, recently installed a new lighting system which resulted in a 5 percent reduction from site’s total energy demand.

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World-class corporate standards

During recent years, SKF has also implemented universal standards for its facilities. Among other things we adopted the LEED* standard for new constructions in 2010 and has finalized and certified over 15 major new factory and workshop constructions over the last 6 years. 

SKF was also one of the first organisations to certify its energy management systems globally according to ISO 50001. Some 40 sites are certified since 2015 covering 90% of the Group’s energy use. Such standards have led to – and will continue to drive – significant energy efficiency over time.

*LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is published by the US Green Building Council.

WWF Climate Savers

Between 2012 and 2016 SKF participated in the WWF Climate Savers partnership and set targets to reduce emissions over the full value chain, from raw material and components, to SKF’s manufacturing, goods transportation and distribution, to the product use-phase at end customer. The WWF and all other climate savers companies have been a valued partners and together, WWF and SKF conclude the five year period an overall success. 

In 2017, SKF chooses to continue the work on reducing climate impact outside the Climate Savers programme – still with focus on life-cycle impact, long-term mindset and high ambition – this is SKF climate targets 2025.
WWF remains a vital speaking partner and stakeholder to SKF on climate change, water and other environmental issues.

A good start, but we’re never complacent

Everything we do rely on pragmatism and continual improvements, and now we are looking at the next phase. The United Nations’ agenda for 2030 and the Paris climate agreement really sets the ambition and direction.
For SKF’s manufacturing targets, we have used the 2 degree target as a point of reference. This is where society wants and needs to go. At SKF, we shall continue to do our part and we have set new objectives across value chain. In the scope of manufacturing the target is to reduce emission by 40% per tonne sold products until 2025 from baseline 2015.

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Good for SKF - good for the world

Climate change, economic prosperity, gainful jobs and well-being are all important and highly interconnected. The Global Goals set the direction and with SKF Care as the foundation we work continuously to create positive impact. 

Our strategy is transparent and inclusive, please let us know what you think is most important and relevant for SKF to address with this short survey.

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