Thanks to our customers who see the environmental benefits and act to reduce impact

Every gram of weight, every drop of lubrication saved and every reduction in friction can make a great difference to our customers. Why? Because water pumps, elevators, windmills, cars, trucks, trains, planes and conveyors all around the world are in constant operation, 24/7, and SKF is right in the middle of it

Between 2012 and 2016 the sales of BeyondZero customer solutions increased from 2.5 billion SEK to almost 7 billion SEK, roughly 9% of the Group’s revenue.
The growth in 2016 was over 15%. A very positive sign of the customers’ and the markets’ focus on sustainability.

What is BeyondZero customer solutions and why do we report them separately?

The simple version:

All our products and services provide our customers with benefits that make things run faster, longer, cleaner and more safely. Our mission – a world of reliable rotation – means we have to become the leading global supplier of rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems and services. But on top of this, we have created a way to categorize solutions that helps to realize significant environmental benefits for out customers - compared with the most common solutions - these are the ones we call BeyondZero customer solutions.

Here are a few examples:

  • The SKF eDrive ball bearings cut friction by 30%. Energy efficiency is more important for electric and hybrid cars, the range of these cars is critical for their success. These bearings also help functionally as their ceramic balls electrically isolated shaft and housing in electric motors. Read more here.
  • SKF Food Line Y-bearing units help to ensure food safety. Reducing the need of re-lubrication and significantly reducing water wastage from processing and packaging plants in the food and beverage industry.
  • SKF CASM electromechanical cylinders replace pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and can save actuation energy but up to 90%.
  • SKF High speed permanent magnetic motor solutions for aeration blowers offer 10 – 40% energy reduction in waste water treatment. Globally today only 10% of waste water is treated. Improved process efficiency means more water will be treated, clean water is a commodity that is becoming ever more precious.
  • SKF self-aligning bearing solutions for wind turbine main shafts reduced nacelle weight and allow more predictable maintenance. Helping reduce cost of ownership, key to keeping wind energy commercially viable.
  • SKF high temperature bearings for the metal industries significantly increased bearing life, reduced lubrication and reduced system complexity, collectively these factors reduce climatic impact by up to 80%.
    Please go the the for the scientific version

So, thanks to our customers

 ...who see the environmental value in addition to reduced cost of ownership and overall improved performance, we can together, make significant contribution to Global Goals. This is good for our customers, for SKF’s shareholders and for society.
The customer use phase is – by far – the most important part of the product life cycle in terms of environmental impact. Nonetheless, sustainability starts in our own backyard and of course we have set ambitious objectives on our own manufacturing and our goods transportation and suppliers of raw material.

This is BeyondZero – a vision, a strategy, a method to go beyond zero impact over the life cycle of our business.

WWF Climate Savers

Between 2012 and 2016 SKF participated in the WWF Climate Savers partnership and set targets to reduce emissions over the full value chain, from raw material and components, to SKF’s manufacturing and goods transportation and distribution and to the product use-phase at end customer. The WWF and all other climate savers companies have been a valued partners and together, WWF and SKF conclude the five year period an overall success. 

In 2017, SKF chooses to continue the work on reducing climate impact outside the Climate Savers programme – still with focus on life-cycle impact, long-term mindset and high ambition – this is SKF climate targets 2025.
WWF remains a vital speaking partner and stakeholder to SKF on climate change, water and other environmental issues.

Good for SKF - good for the world

Climate change, economic prosperity, gainful jobs and well-being are all important and highly interconnected. The Global Goals set the direction and with SKF Care as the foundation we work continuously to create positive impact. 

Our strategy is transparent and inclusive, please let us know what you think is most important and relevant for SKF to address with this short survey.

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