The business we make

We define our business by the the products, services and solutions we develop and provide or the technology development we enable and the industries we support. 

The business we make everyday can be the best possible way to support sustainable development. A few examples and their most direct connections to the Global Goals are presented below.

Supporting reliable, efficient and environmentally sound industrial operations

We support reliability and predictability of operations a number of ways such as

  • SKF Reliability services and condition monitoring
  • Rotating Equipment Performance  - increasing uptime, making operations run smoothly, efficiently and with longer service life by reducing friction
  • Reduce lubrication needs 
  • Improving material efficiency through remanufacturing

Developing and providing technology for the solutions we all need

We all use energy and fuels we work with our customers to

  • Improve cost efficiency and performance of wind, ocean and solar power
  • Improve fuel and energy efficiency through reduced friction and lower weight for the automotive, marine and railway industries

Developing sustainable business models

While we are still dependent on transactional business, we develop new business models based on functionality such as Rotating Equipment Performance offers. Such offers rely less on raw material and sales of units and more reliant on knowledge, service, maintenance and repairs.

Industry specific sustainability challenges

We support our customers to address industry specific sustainability challenges, which can be plentiful and diverse.

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