Life cycle management

Researching the environmental consequences of a product or manufacturing process

Measurement system
An increasing share of SKF’s research projects primarily target improving life cycle environmental performance of customer applications. This means considering the environmental consequences of a product or manufacturing process, no matter where in the product’s life cycle these consequences occur.

To support this positive development and foster the use of improved environmental performance technologies, SKF is conducting research in the area of life cycle management. The aim is to constantly improve the knowledge of the environmental performance of SKF’s products and manufacturing processes, and to put that knowledge into practice by adapting day-to-day business methods and tools.

Conventional methods for environmental assessment, such as lifecycle assessment and environmental risk assessment are applied to capture the complex and holistic nature of environmental impacts. However, in the life cycle management research conducted by SKF, in collaboration with renowned universities and at industrial expertise centres, these methods are further developed to suit industrial needs better.

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