Electrification has Power

Fully electric vehicles on the market today boast an average well-to-wheel C02 reduction of about 20% compared to traditional powertrains. That C02 reduction is even higher for those electric vehicles powered by renewable electricity. SKF is committed to vehicle electrification and is pushing for more clean, renewable energy to drive EV’s globally – both in the automotive and industrial market.

 In an effort to cut back on congestion, noise and C02 emissions in the city centre, Paris has put a car-sharing program into gear. Nearly 3000 Bolloré Bluecars feature SKF bearings and sensor bearing solutions in the electric powertrain system.

Meet knowledge engineer Carole Girardin and the E-Powertrain team behind this successful project.

Carole Girardin, Global Segment Manager E-Powertrain
Florian Barcat, Product & Process Development Manager, Automotive Development Centre – Sensor Integration
Rudy Lachambre, Application Engineer, Powertrain & Electrical France

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