Service has power

Process industries like food and beverage, pulp and paper, metals and petrochemical are reaping the benefits of predictive maintenance. SKF in Latin America has several successful, long-running reliability service contracts with large size industry players.

Mastellone Hermanos is Argentina’s largest dairy, producing 7 million litres of milk daily. SKF has had an Integrated Maintenance Solutions contract in place since 2001, providing services and solutions from all SKF platforms. An SKF engineering team based at the dairy’s head plant just outside Buenos Aires performs predictive maintenance and root cause machine failure analysis. A customized maintenance plan, in combination with SKF products like Food Line Y-bearings, centralized lubrication systems , sealing and linear motion solutions, has cut costs and increased plant performance.

Knowledge engineer Axel Gorza and team provide insight into SKF reliability services and what makes it such a success.

Axel Gorza, Service Engineer/Project Leader
Emiliano Carnovale , Projects & Logistics Administrator
Pablo Lopez de Calle, Jr. Service Engineer

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