Fixed section bearings

Fixed section bearings form one group of thin section bearings. Another group comprises bearings of the light Dimension Series 18, 19 and 10 to ISO 15:1998. As the name suggests, thin section bearings have very thin rings and very small cross section. They are further characterized by low weight, low friction and high stiffness. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for compact, lightweight bearing arrangements which are stiff and which have relatively large bore diameters. Thin section bearings are therefore preferred for industrial robots, textile machinery, printing presses, machine tool turntables, radar antennae as well as optical and medical equipment applications.
Fixed section bearings are bearings with inch dimensions and have a constant cross section within a particular series irrespective of bearing size. SKF fixed section bearings are available as
  • deep groove ball bearings (fig 1),
  • angular contact ball bearings (fig 2) and
  • four-point contact ball bearings (fig 3)
in six different square cross sections A, B, C, D, F and G to the "Dimension plan for fixed section bearings", see table. In addition there is one sealed series U for deep groove and four-point contact ball bearings with seals at both sides. The height of the bearing cross section of the U series is the same as the C series but the bearings are wider in order to accommodate the contact seals.
The dimensions of fixed section bearings are not formally standardized but nevertheless they are generally accepted so that interchangeability is assured.
Further information on SKF fixed section bearings will be supplied on request.
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