Mounting and dismounting, using the oil injection method

Particularly where large bearings are involved, it is often necessary to make provisions during the design stage, to facilitate mounting and dismounting of a bearing, or even to make it possible at all.
For super-precision cylindrical roller bearings with a bore diameter d > 80 mm, SKF recommends the oil injection method. With the oil injection method, oil under high pressure is injected via ducts and distribution grooves between the bearing and bearing seat to form an oil film (fig. 1). This oil film separates the mating surfaces and considerably reduces the friction between them and virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the bearing or the spindle shaft. This method is typically used when mounting or dismounting bearings directly on tapered shaft seats. Where bearings with a cylindrical bore are concerned, the oil injection method can only be used for dismounting.
To apply the oil injection method, the spindle must contain ducts and grooves (→ Provisions for mounting and dismounting).
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