SKF @ptitude Analyst 2013 Edition 8.0 maintenance release 3

SKF @ptitude Analyst 2013 Edition version 8.0 has been updated to MR3. This update applies to users operating either version 8.0 or to system users who have already applied 8.0 MR1 or MR2B.

Details of maintenance release 3
This maintenance release includes the following updates:

Operating system platform support 
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • Windows 8.1

Database platform support and performance improvements

  • SQL Server 2014
  • Oracle 12c

Non-collection events / reporting improvements

  • Users can specify a POINT not to show up in reports when the last measurement is a non-collected event
  • Users can selectively configure a POINT to clear it’s alarm state when the last measurement is a non-collected event
  • Report option to exclude disabled POINTs

Multiple Spectra Speed adjustments

  • Analyst can now selectively change specific measurements to a specified speed
  • New menu option to “Set Speed Multiple” from Hierarchy or FFT graph  
  • Option available to set POINT selection criteria by POINT/Machines/Sets, specific measurement criteria (last measurement, plus or minus N minutes from last measurement, or date/time range) or MPA tag

Microlog Inspector/Microlog Analyzer Measurement Timestamp Warning and Auto Adjustment

  • Upon connection, automatic clock synchronization of the device clock with the system clock.  @ptitude Analyst and Thin Client Transfer (TCT) will synchronize the device clock of the Microlog Analyzer (CMVA 65, CMXA51-IS, GX, GX2 and AX series) with the system clock.
  • TCT configuration option to warn an operator and adjust timestamps if timestamps of data collected are outside of user defined tolerance due to incorrect Microlog device clock setting

Enhanced Modbus measurement output support

  • SKF Enveloped Acceleration measurement POINTs
  • Multiple measurement POINTs per Modbus register
    IMx 5.0 firmware support

New Access Rights for  Insert\Notes dialog

  • “Create New Notes” access rights added to review and create notes but not allow editing/removal of notes
  • “Modify Notes” access rights added to allow full edit rights without needing to grant full access through “Modify Hierarchy”

File-based data transfer and device settings for remote IMx devices

  • File-based IMx data transfer upload to the cloud for processing
  • File-based IMx device database settings download for remote server database reconfiguration

More than 160 general improvements added

Scores of software usability and functional improvements are included in this release (based on customer/user feedback)
Maintenance release 3 update download instructions

  1. Click here to download the MR3 installation file and save it to your PC. The downloaded file is password-protected.
  2. Click here to fill out and submit a password request form. You will receive a password to unlock the downloaded file within the next business day.
  3. Once you have received your password, unzip the downloaded file by using the provided password.
  4. Install the maintenance release.
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