SKF @ptitude Observer software downloads

Downloads may contain updates for system reliability, application compatibility and more. Contact SKF Customer Service to check your options for upgrading your product to the current version.

SKF @ptitude ObserverDateVersion    Download
SKF @ptitude Observer full installation (Limited Modbus/TCP functionality*)2019 January11.0.0Download software
SKF @ptitude Observer full installation2018 September10.5.1Download software
SKF @ptitude Observer patch2018 September10.5.1Download software
SKF @ptitude Observer for IMx-MDateVersionDownload
SKF @Observer for IMx-M full installation2018 September10.2.2Download software
SKF @Observer for IMx-M patch2018 September10.2.2Download software

Observer 11.0 is released with IMx firmware 7.0 which has a limitation in its Modbus/TCP master functionality. Configuration requiring multiple poll requests to read all registers from a slave is not supported. The limitation will be resolved in the next maintenance release. Please contact TSG for further information.

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