SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 4.1

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 4.1 supports more functionality in SKF @ptitude Observer and SKF @ptitude Analyst. This firmware is available for SKF Multilog IMx-C, IMx-P, IMx-S, IMx-W, IMx-B and IMx-M.
Features and functionality of v4.1
The features of this version 4.1 firmware include:
  • Support non-zero default process value
  • Global simultaneous parameters sent together with spectra/time waveforms
  • Spectra window sent also with time waveform (for post processing purposes)
  • Modbus simple heartbeat counter in register 28
  • SCL uses cable check measurement when vibration not measured
  • SCL offset calibration configurable on the combination point itself
  • Vibration points are sampled also during cable fault
  • Live vibration trend has non-zeroed values when cable fault
  • Live spectra/time waveforms possible also when cable fault and out of range
  • Status "no alarm levels checked" for unused vibration components
  • Vector alarm as min/max amplitude/phase "pie" sector (in addition to circle)
  • Sector alarms with low level only is now possible (no phase check)
  • NTP server address can be configured separately from normal server
  • NTP synchronizes from local subnet without server connection wait
  • Server can be configured with DNS name instead of numerical IP address
  • Dynamic alarm level controllable by parameter less than zero
  • Harmonic analysis for order-tracked points
  • Separate resolution in transient and normal state
  • Separate storage intervals for normal and alarm state
  • Alarm group minimum time to rearm trigger selectable (default still 30 s)
  • Alarm storage intervals can be activated for all points in the alarm group
  • Additional storage when trend value changes enough from last stored value
  • Selection of which transient group states a point is active
  • Data sampled by one vibration point can be used by another point
  • Pre/post alarm data storage
  • Time waveform includes bias information (when configured for version >=9.1)
  • Averaging supported for time waveform analysis points
  • IMx-P adjusted charge detection threshold for wider charger compatibility

Error handling and performance improvements:

  • Cleaner/shorter/more configuration error printouts
  • Detected configuration errors stored in buffer
  • Reduced RAM data buffering when server is not available
  • Fail-over server support
  • DHCP client error printed every minute instead of server connect error
  • Faster initial server connection when using DHCP
  • Prevents download of incompatible firmware vs system configuration
  •  Data buffer added to avoid waiting for slow flash writes
  •  Optimized signal processing for faster measurement rates
  • Optimized response time when storing time waveforms only
IMx-M 3.1 support:
  • IMx-M protection status request
  • IMx-M protection gap status inherited on virtual analogue
  • IMx-M protection combined channel data on virtual analogue
  • IMx-M protection speed point status inherited from virtual digital
  • IMx-M protection trip multiply flag
  • Maintenance mode event
  • Maintenance mode reset timeout 60 seconds without trigger
  • Maintenance mode disables recording of measurement data
  • Maintenance mode stops server connection, listens for incoming connection
  • Client connection possible which does not require firmware download
  • Client connection keeps re-triggering maintenance mode
  • TCP connect timeout lowered to 30 seconds (previously 75)
  • IMx-M PRM can send maintenance mode trigger
  • IMx-M PRM generated events discarded in maintenance mode
  • IMx-M PRM receives current IP address for display
  • IMx-M PRM unavailable event timeout depending on disarm (2 or 300 seconds)
  • IMx-M PRM overall can not be used as vibration overall
  • IMx-M CMM/PRM names in printouts

SKF @ptitude monitoring suite compatibility:

  • Required for SKF @ptitude Observer 10.0, Still supports down to 7.0 (possible limitations)
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst 2013 Edition maintenance release 2 (MR2B)
Download instructions for v4.1
  1. Download the firmware file from the Download files section in the right column of this page ("SKF Multilog IMx firmware 4.1") to your PC's desktop or Temp folder.
  2. Unzip or extract the IMx-4.1.pkg file from the downloaded file.
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
If you are unable to use this online service to download the SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 4.1, please contact SKF Technical Support at 1-800-523-7524.

Installation instructions for SKF @ptitude Analyst:
  • Launch SKF @ptitude Analyst and import the IMx-4.1.pkg file by clicking the File > Import > Firmware menu items.
  • From the Firmware Manager dialog window, click Browse and locate the IMx-4.1.pkg file and click Open. Replace the existing firmware file by clicking Yes when prompted.
  • Perform an SKF Multilog IMx Service restart and a POINT setup download.

Installation instructions for SKF @ptitude Observer:

  • Launch SKF @ptitude Observer and import the IMx-4.1.pkg file by clicking the Help > News in Observer menu item.
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