SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 7.1

IMx firmware 7.1 is a maintenance release and the following issues are fixed in version 7.1 relative to firmware 7.0:

* Fixed Ethernet issue occurring with IMx-C/P/S/T/W and FW 7.0 (VSTS#35698)

* Modbus/TCP communication and polling rework (VSTS#29188,31680,31681)
The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.2 is a minor update of the IMx firmware that includes fixes to defects as follows: 

- Intermittent measurement watchdog issue reported in event log with particular configurations including order tracking and sampled process points leading to data gaps. (VSTS #4438) 

- When using operating classes, measurements could be stored with class zero when configured to only store in non-zero class. This could happen when changing between class one and two during a measurement, where zero is the expected class to report. (VSTS #7329)
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