Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance Training

Electric motors account for some of the highest numbers of reliability incident reports involving rotating equipment and machinery. How a given electric motor is chosen, installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, and maintained are all critical to the motor’s performance and longevity. This course provides a clear understanding of common motor failure modes, the types of predictive testing that are most effective, and the frequency that each method should be applied to maximize motor uptime and optimal performance.

Course objectives

  • Learn effective electrical motor predictive maintenance planning and execution
  • Learn best practices to detect motor problems prior to failure
  • Understand the various types of motor testing, which ones are most effective, and the frequency needed to achieve high reliability and minimal unplanned downtime
  • Develop competence to accurately diagnose root-cause failure modes

Course content

Electric motor basics
  • Motor types
  • Motor construction and components
  • Repair and service fundamentals
  • Common failure modes (electrical and mechanical)

Electrical and mechanical testing

  • Predictive maintenance motor diagnostic techniques
  • Static-state electric motor test methods
  • Dynamic-state motor monitoring methods
  • Insulation condition determination
  • Mechanical test methods (vibration, thermography, etc.)
Typical electric motor bearing arrangements
  • Basics of electric motor bearings
  • Bearing arrangements and clearances
Motor teardown and bearing replacement
  • Bearing replacement methods
  • Bearing failure modes
  • Electrical discharge and circulating currents
  • Bearing life, typical lubrication mistakes, contamination
Final tests and delivery procedures
  • Post motor service: quality assurance testing
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Preparation of motors for transport and storage
Route-course failure analysis
  • Electrical and mechanical
Hands-on practical test exercise
  • Fault finding: diagnose common faults in motors

WI216 Course Information

Dates and locations

  • August 28-29, 2018 (Fort Collins, CO)  
  • September 18-19, 2018 (Columbus, OH)  
  • October 2-3, 2018 (Orlando, FL) 
  • November 13-14, 2018 (Houston, TX)

Course fee: US $ 1,595 

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