Dynamic motor analyzer accessories

The following accessories work with the EXP4000 dynamic motor analyzer:
  • SKF Dynamic Motor Link - EP1000 (fig 1): Safely and quickly connect to motor control centres via this port. Pricing available per quantity discounts.
  • 84-EXP3CT1000 (fig 2): 1,000 Amp CT (Current Transformer)
  • 84-EXP3CT150 (fig 3): 150 Amp CT
  • 84-EXP3CT10 (fig 4): 10 Amp CT
  • 84-EXP3CT3000 (fig 5): Cable CT 3,000A
  • 84-EP-C03 (fig 6): EP-2 umbilical cable (communications cable from EP to EXP4000)
  • 84-EXP4000V12/VOLTX: EXP voltage leads
  • 84-EXPLORERCP (fig 8): Clip package (three sets of different clips)
  • 84-EXP3CTX12: 12 ft. CT extension (no picture available)
  • 84-ARMCT7500: 7,000 Amp DC CT (no picture available)
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