SKF Microlog Consultant - CMXA 48

SKF Microlog Consultant
Combined with four-channel functionality, the SKF Microlog Consultant is a revolutionary dynamic signal analyser, bringing high performance technology to those analysts not requiring route-based data collectors.

The SKF Microlog Consultant offers a sophisticated range of diagnostic options, including in-the-field analysis, machinery diagnostics and production line testing in a compact, rugged handheld computer. With a bright 6.4" VGA colour screen, the SKF Microlog Consultant is able to work in harsh, humid environments where laptops or other PC-based instruments simply cannot.

SKF Microlog accessories

Many SKF Microlog accessories are available to further enhance your condition monitoring programme. Check out the SKF Microlog Accessories Catalogue to view the various accessories that can complement your SKF Microlog Consultant.
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