Hydrocam specific hydraulic bolt tensioners

Special tensioners

SKF offers tailor-made design of the various tensioner components, in compliance with your application requirements. The operating principle remains the same, however new functions can be added thanks to SKF expertise:

  • The general shape, size and number of components can vary as needed, to fit the accessibility, size restrictions and handling constraints.
  • The choice of the materials and heat treatments is adapted to meet the mechanical and weight specifications of an application. SKF tensioners can also be manufactured in lighter materials such as titanium.
  • The tensioner environment can require the use of specific hydraulic fluids. HYDROCAM tensioners can be designed to work with all types of hydraulic connectors.
  • Turning down operations can be motorized and fully automated. In cases requiring high accuracy, SKF can supply sensor washers or devices to measure bolt elongation.
  • For improved tightening uniformity over several bolts, we recommend either total (preferably) or partial simultaneous tightening.

Special tensioners

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