SKF VisioLub

SKF VisioLub
SKF VisioLub
Productive maintenance software for chain lubrication systems

Preventive maintenance
  • Follow-up control of the conveyor chain state evolution
Active maintenance
  • On-site chain state analysis without production stop

The SKF VisioLub software has been especially designed to meet operating quality requirements of lubrication systems. Combined with the GVP lubrication system, the Visiolub software controls and monitors in real time the state of the chain and prevents any production stops due to chain malfunctions (defective rollers or pins). Thanks to this prevention tool, the chain’s life is significantly increased.
SKF VisioLub is also very helpful for maintenance department. Information gathered by Visiolub is key to approving a new lubricant. The program also makes it easier to determine the correct amount of lubricant required for optimal lubrication.

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