Flow limiter for use in oil circulating lubrication systems


The SMB 3 flow limiter is designed to divide the main line flow into parallel, individual flows. The flow is generated independently of system pressure changes and virtually independently of viscosity, guaranteeing a constant flow. 

The SMB 3 provides a flow rate from 6 to 38 l/min (12.6–80.3 pts/min) and a pressure range of up to 200 bar. The flow limiter offers oil flow monitoring with a signal transmitter or piston detector. These indicators create a fault signal when the flow rate drops to approximately 85%.

Features and benefits

  • Stable system regardless of pressure, temperature or viscosity changes
  • Easy start-up with fixed flow rate via pre-selected nozzle sizes
  • Adaptation of flow rate possible (nozzle exchange)
  • High operating temperature up to +100 °C
  • Optional ATEX version Ex II 3 cII CT6
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