SKF Lincoln piston detectors

For function monitoring of metering devices in automatic lubrication systems

Universal piston detector
Universal piston detector

The universal and bipolar piston detectors are position sensors that are screwed into the metering device together with the relevant pressure-resistant adapter. The sensors detect the piston by means of the closed adapter without coming into direct contact with it. They adjust themselves independently after several distribution strokes. Therefore, hydraulic pressure peaks do not act directly on the frontal sensor surface of the piston detectors. Different adapters are available, depending on the distributor series.

The universal piston detector automatically detects the customer’s plug or cable assignment, 2-wire or 3-wire version (with cable break protection).

The bipolar piston detector is only available in a 2-wire version. The signal voltage can be applied to either pin 1 or pin 4. Which means this sensor can be used for mobile applications such as vehicles or agricultural and construction machinery.

Features and benefits:

  • More precise detection of the distributor piston than with previous piston detectors
  • Can be used in lubrication systems with high operating pressures
  • The adapter separates the lubricating medium from the sensor, thereby permitting replacement of the piston detector at the pressurised distributor as well
  • Switching distance self-adjusting during operation
  • Resistant to short-circuits and overloading
  • Suitable for mounting on progressive metering devices
  • The two new piston detectors replace all previous variants
  • Efficient storage
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