Pressure switch for use with single-line lubrication systems


Pressure switch 69630 senses supply line pressure when pressure is rising or falling. One single contact signals system operation to controller or system alarm.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple pressure switch
  • Adjustable pressure ranges for decreasing and increasing pressures to match system requirements
  • Use as single pressure switch or in a system with controller and solenoid valve
  • Technical features
    Function principlepressure switch

    oil and fluid grease: NLGI 000, 00, 0

    grease: NLGI 1, 2

    Operating temperature–25 to +65 °C–13 to +150 °F
    Switching capacity
    125, 250 or 480 V AC10 A
    6 V DC15 A
    24 V DC5 A
    250 V DC0,3 A
    Operating pressure
    decreasingmax. 190 barmax. 2775 psi
    increasingmax. 207 barmax. 3000 psi
    Pressure port1/4 NPTF (F)
    Electrical connection27/32 in hole for 1/2 in; conduit connector
    Protection classhousing and UL-listed switching
    elements: NEMA 3
    Dimensions57 × 146 mm2.25 × 5.75 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Applications
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