Ink filters – Hydraulic aggregates - Tubing

Hydraulic aggregates

Hydraulic aggregate
ModelTypeDescriptionPart number
LHA/8For 8 ink pumps, HCOHydraulic aggregate, LHA4 P = 200 bar244-10375-4
LHA/4For 4 ink pumps, HCOHydraulic aggregate, LHA8 P = 200 bar244-10375-5


Tubing for ink supply

Tubing corresponding to the pressure loads concerned is installed to provide the necessary connection between the containers, pumps and presses. These systems are quick and easy to install and are flushed and cleaned at the time of installation. Different conditions and requirements are the criteria that determine the suitable diameter of tubing to be used.

Ink filters

color filter

Ink filters in the feed line to the machine preclude  the penetrating of contamination into the machine and protect the ink supply systems (consumption metering and ink valve) against malfunctions. The filters are available in various dimensions depending on the flow quantity. Further, grades of filtration of 100, 200 or 500 µm are provided. An indicator of the grade of contamination (mechanical or electrical) informs the operator about the grade of contamination of the filter.

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