LIP - Complete ink pump range for all applications

Ink pumps for containers and interchangeable containers

Group of ink supply pumps
Group of ink supply pumps

SKF has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of pump systems for highly viscous media, e.g. offset inks. SKF’s Lincoln pump systems have been used in the market with outstanding success for more than 30 years. Now they have been further enhanced especially for offset inks. They offer both robustness and reliability as well as simple maintenance and servicing. Based on this experience, Lincoln has developed a revised range of pumps.

Pumps with hoist for 200 kg or 300 kg interchangeable drums

  • Pumps for ink containers complete with pump foot stand
  • Hydraulic ink pumps with foot stand + hydraulic aggregate for containers
  • UV ink pumps for interchangeable and stationary containers

The performance of an ink pump is not dependent on the amount of ink transported per double stroke. But rather on the actual amount of ink supplied in a defined period of time. This is determined by the number of presses, their consumption and levels of utilization.

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