Grease guns

Easy grease filling

SKF Grease Gun TLGH 1
SKF Grease Gun 1077600
The SKF Grease Guns are ideal for agricultural, industrial and construction industries and for private use. The SKF Grease Guns are delivered with a 175 mm (6.9 in.) long extension pipe with hydraulic gripping nozzle. A flexible 500 mm (19.7 in.) long pressure hose with hydraulic gripping nozzle is available as an accessory.
  • For use with cartridges and loose grease
  • Knurled body for firm and safe grip
  • High quality steel is dent-resistant for easy cartridge loading
  • Special piston design for smooth emptying of cartridges
  • 40 MPa (5 800 psi) maximum pressure
  • 1077600: 1,5 cm³ (0.092 in.³ ) volume/stroke
  • TLGH 1: 0,9 cm³ (0.055 in.³ ) volume/stroke

The Grease Gun 1077600 is also available with a 300 mm (12 in.) high pressure hose with a hydraulic gripping nozzle, 1077600H
The Grease Gun 1077600 is also available as a complete set; 1077600/SET including 3 extension pipes, high pressure hose, packed in a carrying case.
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