Designs and features

SKF wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications are available in two designs: the LDSLV3 with a flange (fig 1) and the LDSLV4 without a flange (fig 2). Both designs are made of SAE 1008 chromium-plated carbon steel to enhance wear and corrosion resistance. Other sleeve materials can be provided to meet the application’s specific demands. The sleeve outside diameter is specially ground to provide a precision counterface surface for the seal. The wall thickness of the standard sleeves is 2,39 mm (0.094 in.).
LDSLV3 is designed with a flange to simplify final positioning of the sleeve. The width of the counterface surface for the seal is 6,35 mm (0.25 in.) narrower than the total width of the sleeve. The flange adds a nominal 25,4 mm (1 in.) over the shaft diameter. The flange height is 12,7 mm (0.5 in.) for all sizes. Note that force should never be applied directly to the flange when installing an LDSLV3.
LDSLV4 has the same features as LDSLV3 but has no flange. LDSLV4 is intended for applications where a flange could interfere with other components during installation, or where a wider seal counterface surface is required.
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