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Service maintenance management is Quality Technology's answer to the broad spectrum of services requested by customers. These customer services are backed by a global framework in all areas.

QT offers a comprehensive package of services and technical support:

  • Machine refurbishment and upgrade programs
    We can bring your older machines and equipment up to date with state-of-the-art electronics and mechanics. We offer upgrade modifications to new types and sizes, new electronics, new tools, spindles and pneumatics, as well as upgrade your software.
  • Calibration with traceability
    SKF Quality Technology has an established global calibration network for waviness, form and vibration measurements. The QT vibration calibration system complies with the international DANAK and DPLA standards.
  • Machine and Software maintenance
    After carrying out a thorough functionality test, QT specialists give you an objective assessment and status report of the machines/components inspected. We offer efficient and streamlined maintenance and service plans supported by service contracts. Software maintenance comprises new software, additional features, software service contracts and user-oriented manuals.
  • Training
    QT offers extensive training packages covering troubleshooting, service & maintenance and operator training or basics & theoretical background for machine users and management.
  • QT - Steyrservice hotline
    For service calls, spare parts & tools, application support, troubleshooting etc. you can reach us 24 hours a day on: +43 (0)664 82 53 509
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