Vibration analysis of plain bearings


Plain bearings are the predominant choice for bearings used to position the rotors of high power turbo machinery, ship propulsion machinery and other equipment where reliability as well as life is very important.

This course includes vibration analysis and diagnostic studies with common vibration problems that can occur in plain bearings. A case study on a turbine generator set is discussed in this course. It also gives information about the selection, operation and performance characteristics of plain bearings.

List of topics
  • Journal bearings (hydrodynamic bearing pressure, eccentricity, rotor instability), and classifications of journal bearings
  • Vibration in bearings
  • Common bearing problems

High points
This course gives an in-depth overview of:
  • Vibration analysis of plain bearings to diagnose problems in bearings during operation
  • Methods of reducing the stoppage of machinery
  • Methods of increasing the life of machine/bearing

Practical tips, exhaustive case studies and stimulating exercises.

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