Basics of rolling element bearings


This course gives an insight into the basics of rolling element bearings and will primarily focus on types of bearings.

This knowledge will be a springboard for the user and will help you in understanding the course that covers vibration analysis of bearings, mounting and dismounting better. It also consists of exercises that will gauge your understanding of the basics of rolling element bearings.

List of topics
  • Bearing terminology, bearing general data, bearing types, selection of bearing type, selection of bearing size, application of bearings
  • Lubrication
  • Mounting and dismounting

High points
This course gives an in-depth overview of:
  • Bearing design
  • Bearing selection
  • Application and lubrication

Practical tips, exhaustive case studies and stimulating exercises

* The bearing technology package comprises 5 courses: bearing basics, mounting, dismounting, vibration of rolling element bearings and plain bearings.

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