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Lubrication system components

SKF centralized lubrication systems perform the task of supplying individual lube points or group of points with varying amounts of exactly metered lubricant from one central location. Care taken during the installation, start-up and maintenance of the central lubrication system, will help to enhance the operating readiness and life of your machines.

SKF offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lubrication pumps, metering devices, control and monitoring units and all necessary accessories for your specific lubrication solution. Individual components are coated for protection against corrosion (corrosion class C5 M) and combined with stainless steel for durability. Explosion-approved and class-certified components are available upon request. The differences in the system types are based on the necessary components needed.

Take a closer look at the SKF lubrication system components broad range to get more knowledge in the planning, installation and maintenance of your centralized lubrication system.

In a lubrication system:

  • a lubricant is fed (by a feed pump)
  • a lubricant is distributed into the needed amount (by distributors, dosers or feeders)
  • the lubrication system is monitored and controlled (by monitoring units, pressure and lubricant switches, control units, etc.)
  • Fittings and accessories are completing the components of a lubrication system.
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