SKF Forklift solutions

Optimising equipment performance

SKF Fork lift solutions
With competency in bearings, seals, lubrication systems,  linear motion, sensors and condition monitoring, SKF provides a total systems approach to optimise your application – but more importantly, we can be your single source of responsibility for the success of your designs.

Fork lift- Five platforms

Bearing & Units
  • Standard catalogue bearings
  • Mast guide bearings
  • Plain bearings
  • Hub units

  • Customised sealing solution for king pin
  • Hydraulic cylinder seals 
  • Industrial seals
Lubrication systems
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Motor encoder units
  • Roller encoder units
  • Steer by wire
  • Linear actuators
  • Engineering Consultancy 
  • Maintenance & Condition monitoring products


  • Makes designs lighter and more compact
  • Enable equipment to operate faster, quiter and smoother
  • Streamline the design cycle and speed time-to-market
  • Improve product reliability and decrease warranty costs
  • Reduce & simplify maintenance
  • Reduce energy consumption & maintenance
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