SKF Solutions for the 2 wheeler market

2005 June 22, 12:43 CET

SKF has developed a range of solutions to meet the special challenges of India's 2-wheeler market. Some of the major challenges and solutions are ;
Transition from 2 stroke to 4 stroke engines. The prime challenges that this gives are related to downsized engines, higher temperatures and the need for increased fuel efficiency.
SKF solutions to meet these challenges are;
- Customised bearing solutions with specific dimensions and tolerances for the application ensuring optimum peformance.
- Carbonitrided bearings; these bearings are far more tolerant to contaminated fuel conditions, which occur in India. Such bearings have a validated life factor 300% higher than standard bearings.
Thin section bearings; These bearings are lighter, more compact and have lower inertia forces. They can be applied in more compact system designs
* Increased service and warranty life.This puts increased demand of the reliability and service life of the bearings
The SKF Solutions are; 
          - Sealed bearings; These reduce the ingress of contaminant yet retain lubrication better, leading to longer bearing life.
            - Cleaner grades of steel; with fewer impurities in the steel the rolling contact fatigue damage is much reduced, leading to longer bearing life.
* Lower initial cost. 4-stroke engines today are available at prices similar to 2-stroke engines a few years ago. Together with the intense competition in the market, low costs are essential.
SKF Solutions; 
            - Just-in-Time supply; by delivering according to a JIT process we reduce the cost of business for the customer and ourselves.
Advanced engineering software; this is used to optimise bearing designs so that downsizing can take place while retaining high reliability and bearing life.
* Safety and Comfort. Today's motorcycles are more powerful and much faster than their predecessors. This puts extra demands on bearing performance to allow drivers to travel without breakdown; thus safely and in more comfort.
Low noise and vibration bearings; highly engineered bearings that make the ride more comfortable.
Prevention of premature failures; Special designs with special heat treatments and sealing to enhance bearing performance.
Other Innovative Developments
Other innovative developments from SKF are;
Solid oil ball cage for steering columns; These replace current designs that  more complex to assemble and tend to wear out within the warranty period. The solid oil design overcomes all these problems, requires no relubrication and is easy to fit in place of current designs.
Ceramic and hybrid bearings; these bearings deal with contamination damage in a 'self-healing' way that increases the bearing service life.
* Advanced sealing solutions; The RSL and RSH solutions have lower friction, higher sealing efficiency and longer service life. They are available with special materials for extreme operating temperatures.
SKF Hub units for 2 wheelers replace standard ball bearing designs. They are more compact, have better load carrying capacity, better lubrication, a longer service life, and are a pre-assembled unit making it easier to stock and assemble onto the motorcycle.
* Wheel sensor modules; These measure speed, distance travelled and engine revolutions. SKF sensor bearings are also used in ABS systems, increasing rider safety.

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