Pneumatically operated pump for use with single-line systems

Model 1829

Model 1829 is an air-operated, positive-displacement pump delivering a maximum volume by means of a single stroke of the pump. Solenoid air valves and adjustable, solid-state time controls are integrated into the pump body. Designed to deliver grease to single-line metering devices, the Model 1829 includes a special high-volume refill fitting. Acrylic reservoirs are available in several sizes. Integrated controls feature LED indicators for “Power On”, “Pump On” and “Alarm,” along with a membrane-type, “Manual Lube" switch.

Model 1829 is similar to model 1827 except that it includes a Model 2010 pump (50:1 ratio, 231 in³/min (3785 cm³/min) delivery at 100 psi air). Fits U.S. standard 400 lb refinery drums. It also includes a Model 85209 controller and 85215 vent valve.

Features and benefits:

  • Modular structure consists of 4 1/4 inch air motor, air cylinder, pump tube, vent valve assembly, drum cover, controller and air and lubricant connecting hoses
  • For U.S. standard refinery drums (removable head)
  • Simplified, modular design
  • High wear resistance
  • Reliable, robust construction
  • Technical features
    Function principlepneumatically operated double-acting piston pump
    Metering quantity3785 cm³/min231 in³/min
    Lubricantgrease NLGI 0, 1, 2
    Operating temperature0 to +50 °C+32 to 122 °F
    Operating pressuremin. 82 bar
    max. 240 bar
    min. 1200 psi
    max. 3500 psi
    Reservoir180 kg400 lb (U.S. standard)
    Materialsteel, brass, copper, polyurethane, nitrile
    Connection outlet3/8 NPTF (F)
    Air inlet connection3/8 NPTF (F)
    Transmission ratio75:1
    Voltage (controller)120 V, 60 Hz
    110 V, 50 Hz
    Dimensions610 × 610 × 1578 mm24 × 24 × 62.125 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Applications
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