Electro-pneumatic barrel pump

SKF Electro-pneumatic Barrel Pump
SKF Electro-pneumatic Barrel Pump

The EPB pump is an electro-pneumatic barrel pump to feed lubricant into a centralized system. The traditional mechanical air motor valve has been replaced with a solenoid valve. With the proper equipment, it is possible to use the EPB pump with bag-like lubricant containers.

Suitable for 18, 50 and 180 kg (40, 120 and 400 lb) lubricant barrels, the EPB is available in two versions – ECO and STA. The ECO version is intended for use with ECO lids sets, and the STA version works with STA, LG and OS lid sets.

Features and benefits:

  • Lubrication-free, electronically controlled air motor enables accurate control of pump output
  • Fewer mechanical components extend air motor’s service life
  • Includes self-diagnosing system
  • Operates effectively in wide range of temperatures
  • IP 65 protection rating
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