Lubrication pinions

LP2 connected to a progressive lubrication system
LP2 connected to a progressive lubrication system
SKF lubrication pinions provide contact lubrication of pinion gears on open gear wheels and gear racks. A lubrication pinion also lubricates the tooth flanks of open gears, such as large slewing bearings or pitch bearings.

The rolling motion of this device continuously applies 100% lubricant film coverage to the tooth flank, thus reducing wear and simultaneously providing corrosion protection to the gear drive.

Connectable to an automatic lubrication system, like pump-to-point, multi-line or progressive, the pinion provides the tooth flanks with the appropriate amount of lubricant.

SKF offers a complete range of variable components, from a standardized series program made of polyurethane (LP2) to a customized single item made of metal (LPC).

The lubrication pinions do not require pressurized air. Therefore, no spray mist contaminates the environment. In addition, NLGI grade 2 grease can be applied. When compared to manual lubrication, use of these pinions provides better quality lubrication, as well as reduces labor and the risk of accidents.

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