Digital grease flow detector

800030 digital grease flow detector

The digital grease flow detector has been designed to generate a confirmation signal to verify lubrication events. Installed between the metering device and the bearing, the model 800030 is a positive- displacement flow detector consisting of oval gears. Signals are communicated to a control unit or PLC, detecting both small 0,016 cm³ (0.001 in³) and large 8,19 cm³ (0.5 in³) grease flow. Also, in the case of lubrication failure, the sensor signals the controller so that appropriate action can be taken. Usable with PLC control or with control units like LMC 301.

Features and benefits:

  • Verifies receipt of lubricant
  • Helps prevent bearing failures to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Signals controller in case of lubrication failure
  • Blinking LED indicates processed signals
  • For power supply 12 to 30 V DC
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