Global Technical Centre India

Global Technical Centre India

SKF‘s Global technical center in India drives innovation by developing products and solutions for local and global customers in a faster and in an effective way.

The centre located in Bangalore focuses on testing and on providing advanced technical knowledge for design, process and supplier validation. In addition, the centre conducts bearing analysis and has a fully equipped laboratory for metallurgy and chemistry, mechatronics and product investigation centre in order to

  • To develop significant critical mass in engineering knowledge where the market is growing
  • To develop the ability to quickly analyze and support the needs in the Indian markets
  • Design of components (to SKF Global Design Standards) for local market

GTCI Competencies

Engineering & Research Centre


Engineering & Research Centre (ERC) at GTCI comprises of Software Development & Testing, Engineering Knowledge Services (EKS) and the Manufacturing Development Centre (MDC).ERC focus on high-level research in the fields of Tribology & Lubrication, Seals & Polymers, manufacturing processes, CFD and Concept & system development and also emphasis on development activities.


  •  Software Development & Testing


SKF has one of the most comprehensive sets of modeling and simulation software developed by Knowledge and Simulation Tools group at ERC. This group supports in the development and testing of Orpheus, CAD Interfacing, web and mobile applications.

  •  Engineering Knowledge Services (EKS)

EKS exemplifies the Power of Knowledge engineering by providing quality secured SKF engineering tools, by acquiring and distributing up to date SKF technical knowledge and by facilitating training and support in SKF technical knowledge and engineering tools

Product Development
The Product Development and Investigation team consists of:

  • Mechatronics and Condition Monitoring
    The Mechatronics and Condition Monitoring department of GTCI facilitates Product Engineering, Development, and Application testing including investigating field performance. The department is well equipped with the following capabilities:
  1. Mechanical: Provide product engineering and product development support
  2. Electronics: Perform PSPICE simulations, PCB design and PCB testing
  3. Mechatronics: Develop tools and models for senor signal data acquisition, processing and system simulations
  4. Firmware: Support development of Firmware and Diagnostic applications interfacing hardware devices
  • LBU
  • Trucks
  • Small car CoE

Product Engineering

The team provides comprehensive support for product engineering activities. Product Engineering at GTCI the following competencies:

  • Product drafting/designing

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The FEA team engages in:

  1. Stress and Deformation calculations using ANSYS
  2. Fatigue calculations using SKF tools and Fe-safe
  3. Structural Dynamic Calculations using Beast
  4. DoE studies and parametric studies
  5. Thermal and heat transfer analysis

  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Services & Standards and Practices

PLM and S&P undertakes:

  1. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) within SKF 
  2. Mechnical CAD (MCAD): The PLM and S&P team provide design methodology implementation services within SKF using Pro/ENGINEER 
  3. Business Support for end-users for the abovementioned tools 
  4. Business Application Support for applications such as R&TD (Research & Technology Development) and GLR (Global Lab Report)
  • Technology Intelligence and Intellectual Property (TIIP)

The TIIP group tracks the latest technology trends and assesses technological progressions. The TIIP team provides services under the following categories:

Technology Intelligence (TI) Services

Technology Landscapes
Technology Tree
Patent Watch

Intellectual Property (IP) Services

Invention Support
Invention Disclosures
Portfolio Management- Patents

Group Testing Services at GTCI is your trusted partner in design, process and supplier validation. The testing team at GTCI ensures greater focus on customer requirements, quality and operational efficiency. This entails greater support for SKF’s processes in a faster manner by applying global test standards, adapted to local customer specific requirements.
Product Investigation

 The Product Investigation Centre focuses on:

  •  Field usage analysis - Performing investigation on bearing products for non-performance issues
  •  Post Endurance Analysis - Identifying condition and remaining life of test rig samples

Global Metallurgy & Chemistry Laboratory (GMC)
The GMC at GTCI is a part of the GMC worldwide network. GMC provides services and solutions to local SKF factories as well as global SKF demands on analysis pertaining to metallurgy and chemistry.

GMC offers services under three categories namely Metallurgy, failure analysis and Chemistry:

  • Steel Qualification
  • Forging Qualification
  • Heat treatment Qualification
  • Heat to heat clearance
  • Heat treatment support to SKF plants in India
  • Demand chain vendor support
  • Retained Austenite by XRD

Field usage analysis
  • Support for SKF in India and across the globe
  • Conduct field usage analysis training programs for SKF India
  • Retained Austenite and residual stress by XRD
  • Conduct performance analysis.


The chemical lab supports investigations pertaining to grease, oil and lubricants.

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