High load extreme pressure bearing grease

High load extreme pressure bearing grease
SKF LNEP 2IN is a heavy duty extreme pressure Grease which is especially formulated to increase the service life of bearings operating in demanding environments.

LNEP 2IN is a mineral oil based lithium soap thickened grease with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that gives it a high weld load rating and making it suitable for medium to large size bearings running at low to normal speeds under high loads. This grease provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh conditions and vibrations.
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Superior water resistance and corrosion protection 
  • Good EP / AW properties
Typical applications
  • Material handling equipment 
  • Construction and Earth moving equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Slewing bearings
  • Conveyors
  • Crane wheels
Available pack sizes                                       
1 kg pailLNEP 2IN /1
5 kg pailLNEP 2IN/5
18 kg pailLNEP 2IN/18
180 kg drumLNEP 2IN/180
Technical data 
Designation  LNEP 2IN/(pack size) 
NLGI consistency class2
ColourRed brown
Base oil typeMineral
Operating temperature range–15 to +110 °C
(–5 to +230 °F)
Dropping point DIN ISO 2176>180 °C (>355 °F)
Base oil viscosity: 
40 °C, mm²/s
100 °C, mm²/s
Penetration DIN ISO 2137: 
60 strokes, 10–1 mm
100 000 strokes, 10–1 mm
+50 max. (325 max.)
Mechanical stability: 
Roll stability, 50 hrs at 80 °C, 10–1 mm
+50 max.
Corrosion protection: 
Emcor: – standard ISO 110070-0
Water resistance 
DIN 51 807/1, 3 hrs at 90 °C1 max.
Oil separation 
IP 121, 7 days at 40 °C2–6
Lubrication ability 
R2F, running test B at 110 °CPass
Copper corrosion 
ASTM D4049 @ 100 °C2b max
EP performance 
Wear scar DIN 51350/5, 1 400 N, mm
4–ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N        
2 max
2 800 min.
* Typical value
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