Bearings In Rotating Machinery – WE202

Course Objective:

How to improve the service life of machinery with rotating equipment systems. It focuses on most common rotating equipments such as Motors, Fans, Pumps and gearboxes. 


Course Contents:

Part 1: Industrial Motors

        Bearing arrangements


        Sealed-for-life lubrication

        Shaft and housing fits

        Mounting & Dismounting


Part 2: Industrial Pumps

        Bearing arrangements

        ANSI vs. API design overview

        Pump bearings


        Off-BEP operation

        Low bearing service life

Part 3: Industrial Fans

        Bearing arrangements

        Controlling heat expansion

        Lubrication of fans

        Mounting & Dismounting

        Grease selection: basics

        Case Studies

Part 4: Industrial Gearboxes

        Bearing arrangements

        Static, splash and circulating oil lubrication

        Lubricant selection

        Extending gearbox service life


Recommended For:

Application Engineer, Condition Monitoring Engineer / Design Engineer, Maintenance Engineer / Manager / Supervisor, Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer / Manager / Supervisor.



        A fundamental knowledge of and ability to use basic hand tool is required.

        At least one year of Experience in Maintenance.



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