Bearing Reliability in Aggregate & Cement Machines- WE212



Course Objectives

Participants will learn about real solutions to real problems related to bearing reliability and

maintenance in machinery used in the aggregate and cement industry

Course Content

• Aggregate and cement industry overview

• Bearings in aggregate and cement making machinery

• Crushers, conveyors, vibrating screens, Kilns, coolers, roller presses

• Bearing installation and maintenance

• Mounting and dismounting of rolling element bearings

• Bearing damage examples

Recommended For

Plant Engineers, Maintenance/Engineering Managers, Engineers, Reliability Managers/Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, /Team Leaders, General Maintenance and Plant and Maintenance Planners, Mechanical Shop Managers, Mechanical Repair Services Providers, Maintenance Operations Coordinators and Technical Maintenance Trainers.


Experienced professionals from Cement & Aggregate Industries

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