Lean Manufacturing

Course Objective:

To provide participants with a sound knowledge and understanding of the terms, terminology, and benefits of Lean manufacturing. To Conduct value stream maps of the current state, identify the potentials for reduced waste and improved flow, and develop a future state map. Participate in the development of a site-specific lean implementation roadmap.

Course Content:

  1. What is Lean?
    • Origin, Definition
    • Concept of Value
    • Value-Added & Non-Value Added Activities
    • Lean Management Philosophy (Game/Exercise on Lean)
  2. What is MUDA, MURA & MURI (Japanese Words)?
    • MUDA (7 Deadly Wastes)
    • MURA (Unreasonableness)
    • MURI (Inconsistencies)
    • How does Lean Overcome Them?
  3. Wastes (MUDA)
    • Types of Wastes
    • Identification of Wastes (Exercise)
    • Significance/Effect/Causes of Wastes (Exercise & Simulation)
  4. Application of Wastes (MUDA)
    • Manufacturing
    • Services
    • Software Development
  5. Lean Success Stories


The above will be an introductory and awareness session. The participants will thoroughly understand the concept of lean and wastes (MUDA). This session will prove to be a head start for exploring the possibility of applying lean techniques organization wide.


Need-based training sessions can be conducted in the areas of lean applications and implementation subsequently. One such popular and valuable program is “5S Technique for Workplace Management”. 


Recommended for:

All employees working at a company instituting Lean Manufacturing.



Basic knowledge of Manufacturing Processes and one year of industrial experience.

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